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We recommend that you contact us by phone or email as soon as you become aware of the loss of the object.

  • Contact Santiagotur Lost and Found Service: (please consult the contact page)
  • Opening hours: business days from 9:00AM to 00.30PM and from 02:30PM to 7:00PM and Saturdays from 9:00AM to 00.30PM

Within the European community, no passport is required for travel.

For all countries outside the European Community, Portuguese citizens need a passport with a minimum of six months validity, from the date of departure of the trip.

All children must carry an identity card or passport when traveling. Unaccompanied minors must also bear a declaration / authorization duly signed by the parents and recognized by the notary. A photocopy of the parents' identity cards must be attached to this document.

Foreign passengers (whether or not residing in national territory) should consult the respective embassy or consulate.
For exotic destinations we advise you to contact the institute of tropical medicine - tel: 213 652 600 - in order to obtain all the information about sanitary formalities (vaccines).

To know the exchange rates of the day, we recommend consulting the Portugal Bank website at