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  • Identify your luggage (inside and outside) with your name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. To find your suitcase on the airport treadmill more easily, etc.
  • It is advisable to make two copies of all your documents before departure. Take a copy with you and leave another with someone from your relationships in your home country. It can act as security in the event of theft or loss.
  • Look for information on the climatic conditions of your destination - day and night - and prevent excessive cold or heat.
  • Before departure, inquire about the destination country's electrical voltage, since it needs adapters to charge your devices.


  • Make sure you chose the tourist program that suited you the most. Before complete your purchase, get the most information. Do not be ashamed to do this or ask for more details. You will always be treated with the utmost kindness and patience.
  • Never leave your bag for the last few hours before your trip. Try to do it at least 24 hours before boarding. Preferably put your things in the luggage slowly or make a list of what you think you need. But remember: do not over do it!
  • When you receive travel documentation, confirm all your details - name, date, time, number of flights (if applicable) and which airport you are going to disembark because many of the major cities have more than one (such as Paris, London, etc.). Airlines recommend that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure for international travels. Remember that you will not travel alone on the plane and that checking in is not usually very fast. It is a fact that the closer to boarding, the more the queue grows.
  • The custom (or not) to gratify the different service providers, depends on country to country. Inquire about this practice in the destination country and take out some money exchanged for these situations.
  • Remember that many religious places are not allowed to enter uncovered body, so the use of shorts or sleeveless clothing may be impeding the intended or scheduled visits.


We know you want to travel in peace and enjoy the best moments of your trip. So read the tips we recommend for you. These are suggestions that can make all the difference, on national and international trips.

We emphasize that you will always have our support and that careful and timely planning can make all the difference in the success of each trip.

Our tips range from simple measures such as booking your trip, taking your passport, how to proceed in the case of countries that require an entry visa, etc. Also know if it will be better to take money or take a credit card or traveler's checks. Learn how to be attentive to the cultural habits of each people (religion, food and other customs), thus avoiding mistakes and constraints. Even in the case of gratuity (tip) it is important to know how much and when you can and should give. We believe that they are small details that will surely make any traveler happier ....


You will not expect to find things as if you were in your home because you leave your home to find different things.


You will not find yourself superior to the natives you meet, for they, who may be financially poorer than you, nevertheless have much wealth to convey to you. Learn to recognize it and you will, no doubt, come back richer.


You will always dare to experience what you do not know, for we know that the best travel memories you will bring will certainly be those of those exciting adventures.


You will not forget to take half of the things you think you need and double the money you plan to spend.


You will not forget at any time where your passport is, since a traveler without a passport is considered a person without a country.


You will not take your strangeness seriously, for having a free and tolerant spirit is the starting point for a great vacations.


You will not be unnerved by other travelers, because your only purpose is to have a good vacation. Always remember that there are few things that are fatal.


You will not judge people from other countries by the person who once wanted you some kind of evil.


Do not look too touristy. Adopt the old maxim of "when in Rome act like a Roman" and thus avoid many displeasures.


You will not forget to apply yourself with art and diplomacy during your visit because anyone who treats your host with respect and courtesy will always be received as a welcome guest.